Friday, July 13, 2012

Gut Wisdom: Something to Chew On

I am honored to proclaim a successful Gut Wisdom Detox program occurred this week! I tweaked the Gut Wisdom Detox by supplying raw foods, and incorporating a one day green juice fast. The extra bonus was inviting Mahara, a medical intuitive

I am always in awe with the amazing shifts and transformations,which occur during the Gut Wisdom Detox. When we get out of the way by eliminating the toxic stuff out and replacing healthy, high vibrational products, foods, and intentions; our body, mind, and spirit's wisdom is invited in to support our healing in miraculous ways. Gut Wisdom Detox participants shared how mental clarity and their energy increased. Light was shined into some very dark stuck issues and new choices were felt. Cravings lessoned and a deeper connection to ones body was experienced.

Detoxing is a supreme way of clearing the accumulation of emotional debris – stored emotions that have not been looked at or released.These can manifest as a feeling that things are not quite right, a sense of unease. Of course most of us use food, alcohol, medications, overwork, over analyzing, and over doing to suppress this unease; which can eventually manifest as a dis-ease. Our bodies and spirit are amazing entities. Everyday we are given another chance for renewal.

The Gut wisdom Detox participants took this opportunity to gift themselves with this choice. I am extremely honored and proud of each and everyone of them for giving me the opportunity to witness their amazing transformations.

Here are a few detoxers getting ready to indulge in a delicious, nutrient rich green drink.

Here are a few detoxers getting ready to indulge in a delicious, nutrient rich green drink.

Mahara- medical intuitive- Her Gift of intuition, handwriting analysis, knowledge of Bach flower remedies helped to pinpoint, support, and shift emotional blocks.

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