Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your Body Speaks Your Mind

My stomach is turning...no, not because I ate a poor food combination.  It's turning with a feeling of excitment  anticipating the next Gut Wisdom Detox.   Many of you know my philosphy, which  is move out what is blocking your healing and let the miracles occur.
The  blocks can be physical(food choices, lack of excercise), mental, emotional or spiritual.   The body is an incredible vehicle to 'speak'  any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual imbalances or blocks.
I've seen time and time again the detox program  'clear' the way to support the healing process.
Sometimes we still may be stuck  within our own muck which is why I invited Linda Eastburn to this Septembers, Gut Wisdom Detox.   Linda is a superb medical intuitive.  I have used her personally to help me 'see' where i am stuck and she offered steps on how to 'unstick'me. Clients, friends, and family members  have also  used her medical intuitive gifts.   The Gut Wisdom Detox, raw foods, organic vegetable juices, a insightful medical intuitive, a supportive open group....it doesn t get much better than that.   I feel my guts wisdom agreeing!!!